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An exceptional range of hardware solutions.

With over 200 products in our catalogue, we cover everything you'll need for your windows & doors system.

Friction Stays & Allied Hardware

The most in-demand product in our stable. Refined over the last 20 years, our friction stays are easily the most dependable friction stays available.


Friction Stays

Features include:

  • Light Duty & Heavy duty models offered in Easy Clean and Egress designs

  • Offering for Casement (Side hung) and Projected (Top hung) opening applications

  • Offering for conventional (non-eurogroove) and eurogroove enabled systems

  • Specially designed models for projected openings in curtain glazing applications

  • Parallel opening stays available in offset and aligned stack models

  • Conforms to International Endurance Test standards

  • Wide variety of Restrictor arm models also available

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